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Services We Offer

Make the most of your landscape by maintaining your trees and shrubs. Most of our services are offered year-round. Contact us to meet and discuss your goals and concerns.

Tree & Shrub Pruning


Crown Raising is done to clear the canopy from things like a house or structure, service line, sidewalk, cars, or to enhance a view.

Crown Cleaning prevents decay, pests, and reduces hazards. This type of pruning removes deadwood, and weakly attached limbs.


Crown Thinning allows light and air to pass through the tree more freely. It also reduces the weight on heavy limbs that may fail.


Training Young Trees is done to establish good form, structure, and longevity. This type of pruning is recomended for most young trees. It can greatly help reduce: expensive pruning when the tree is mature, damage from tree failure, and the price of replacing the tree.


Shrub Pruning is done to maintain shape, suppress height and width, and give a nice clean look to your landscape. 


Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, & Tree Planting


Trees are valuable. But in some cases, removing a tree is the best option. Some circumstances that warrant tree removal are: dead or declining, structurally compromised, lot clearing, or simply in the wrong spot.


After the tree is removed, we offer stump grinding and encourage you to plant a replacement or two! We are happy to offer suggestions and help in choosing good nursery stock.  



Cabling,  Bracing, and Proping


Mature trees with poor structure can only be corrected by pruning to a certain degree. Dynamic cabling is used to support large stems and limbs that may be prone to failure. We have adapted the most up-to-date methods and modern materials.  We use non-invasive, synthetic cable that offers extra support and protects from shock loading during extreme weather.


Trees that are split or posess weak unions may also benefit from installing a steel rod through the trunk, or bracing.

Leaning trees can be supported with props under the right circumstances.

Plant Health Care


Biotic disorders can be described as naturally occuring stresses such as diseases, pests or extreme weather conditions to name a few. We treat with fungicides and insecticides with the safest, most environmentally friendly methods.


Abiotic disorders are considered man-made stresses like soil compaction, mechanical/construction damage to roots, or just poor pruning cuts for instance. We offer treatment options to mitigate and reverse these negative effects.


General nutrition can be beneficial to help trees recover from biotic and aboitic disorders. It is also used when being proactive as generally healthy trees are less prone to stress and disorders.

Firewood and Mulch


Firewood is great for heating your home, camping, and the world's best BBQ. We save mixed quality hardwoods whenever possible.

Call for pricing and information. 


Mulch is the primary bi-product in our line of work. We work with homeowners and community gardens to provide natural, quality chips. The benefits of mulch are endless!

Call for a delivery of mulch.


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